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Lucky Life

As long as you do –

the tasks that keep you busy

the works that keep you healthy

the things that keep your dignity

the relations that keep you happy

the matters that do not spread negativity

the thoughts that fill you with positivity

the ambitions that maintain your integrity

the achievements that show your specialty…

you are at no guilty.

you are the lucky.

a package of versatility…

Anjanalahuri @2023

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Everything Can’t be said

Can’t you see what is raining in my eyes 
If you want to see
Can’t you guess what is freezing my mouth 
If you want to listen 
Can’t you guess what is aching my heart 
If you want to feel 
Can’t you see what is binding my legs 
If you want to move along 
Can’t you count my thoughts 
If you want to be part of it

I only can say 
Can’t everything be said
It is only up to you 
Whether you want to know or not.
Anjana Lahuri@2021

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Little brook

I went to a beautiful brook

I befriended with in my childhood

 She is flowing relentlessly with same serenity with same youthful jolly

Years back when I played around the pretty pretty gardens in the boastful vicinity of her

When I swam in pinkish ponds with bluish fishes

over sexy frizzy curls of her

And I asked the same question that I asked years before

 My dear brook:

Where are you running?

 When is the end?

What is the purpose?

 She replied the same narration she narrated back then

When I pinched the pebbles she used to flaunt

When I teased with my paper boats throwing on her

Dear friend:

 I am flowing to distant lands

I run perennially

With a mission of borrowing the secrets of incredible civilisations in my burbles

With a purpose to carry the age-old customs in my swishes

With a responsibility to inherit the centuries back traditions to the new generations through my ripples

 I flow flow flow

In spite of storms that try to disturb my composing

In spite of big bays that try to engulf me

Then I thought:

O my God

Afterall my little brook taught me a lesson.