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Life is a book


Here is an interesting theme 

My daughter brought to me 

While I was making her hair 


Is it true that life is a book?

She chuckled and said;

My friends were saying.

In That:

There will be pages for  past, present and future 

Some pages that were more interesting to us,

Some were dark

But we never know the future 

Until we flip 

What the creator has written for us?

We only dream and try 

But can’t dictate it?

I was awestruck for the kids of this generation 

They are not just kids as we think 

They have a brilliant thought process 

It is only a guidance what we can give with our experiences.

Here I have a script kindled from my daughter’s narration 

It is not solely the creator of script knew what is in it

The editors and publishers know 

But not revealed until we flip the page,

As the God’s support the creator 

They will edit his creation

And publishes only  after mutual consent 

Once our life page flipped to the present 

It is then we can write our own 

And submit for God’s approval 

Isn’t it interesting 

Though a bit spiritual…

@ Anjana Lahuri 2022


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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