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Lucky Life

As long as you do –

the tasks that keep you busy

the works that keep you healthy

the things that keep your dignity

the relations that keep you happy

the matters that do not spread negativity

the thoughts that fill you with positivity

the ambitions that maintain your integrity

the achievements that show your specialty…

you are at no guilty.

you are the lucky.

a package of versatility…

Anjanalahuri @2023

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Over Night

I am sure you heard about:

Changing the world over night;

Transformation of perspectives over night;

Irrelevance of ambitions overnight;

Dooming the confidence overnight;

loosing the hopes over night;

Becoming your goals and themes meaningless overnight.


You feel ridiculous about what I am saying?

You see me as a fool?

You find me as a pessimist?

Definitely not?

until I lost my dear ones abruptly,

Until I am snapped by God and wrapped up in trauma,

Until I am shocked by the life’s mockery,

Now you may consider my story relevant.


I am strong:

I am building the confidence;

I am trying to understand God’s play;

I am trying to move forward;

To turn my life bright again;

If not possible over night,

Over the years at least…

wards lake, shillong