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Over Night

I am sure you heard about:

Changing the world over night;

Transformation of perspectives over night;

Irrelevance of ambitions overnight;

Dooming the confidence overnight;

loosing the hopes over night;

Becoming your goals and themes meaningless overnight.


You feel ridiculous about what I am saying?

You see me as a fool?

You find me as a pessimist?

Definitely not?

until I lost my dear ones abruptly,

Until I am snapped by God and wrapped up in trauma,

Until I am shocked by the life’s mockery,

Now you may consider my story relevant.


I am strong:

I am building the confidence;

I am trying to understand God’s play;

I am trying to move forward;

To turn my life bright again;

If not possible over night,

Over the years at least…

wards lake, shillong