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Happiness is not a thing one can buy

          Neither a toy one can control 

                 Not a commodity one can get someway 

                Neither an offer one can give at their wish

             Not a pity one can pour upon you freely 

           Neither a game one can plan

      Not even an action one can perform 

    But an emotion one can live in

Perfection one can feel

                                    Happiness only bestows you

                     When you can do the work of your wish

            When you live a life that is what you wanted 

         Regardless of big or small 

     Regardless of profit

   Regardless of what the world thinks of it

            As long as it hurts no one 

                  As long as it boosts you energy 

                         As long as it usher new life in you

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I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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