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Cope with the present

Times come 

As you desperately want to go to the past 

And relive in it

Correct it as per your present

And fetch the person you lost

But no

You know you can’t do it 

That is the wrath of life 

If it curses us

Times come 

As you frantically want to run into the future 

And prelive in it

Shape it as per your present 

And forget the person you never going to see again 

But no

You know you can’t do it

That is the worse of life

If it punishes us

You are stuck to the present 

However bad it may be

However gloomy it may be 

However torturous it may be 

That is the cruelty of life 

If it tests us!


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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