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I wish

I miss the days
The festival fervor;
The occasion when we summon ourselves to celebrate,
buying new clothes for which we wait anxiously
Buying new shoes,
Buying new powders, new earrings, new necklaces,
Smearing Mehandi over hands and legs,
Then the celebration starts;
With head bath,,
Wearing accessories whatever bought
Roaming to all the relatives,
Eating home made snacks,
Playing daylong in the streets,
Mobile free, selfie free, social media freeā€¦
The new dress wouldn’t be changed;
Until all the celebration is fulfilled,
Until the festival is finished,
I am not saying I want all those days back…
I am not that selfish.
I only wish;
My kids also get such days,
And the same fervor,
Even more,
Before the world transforms into a,
Robo-tech, Digi-task, infinite G, oxy- incubatorā€¦


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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